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Process instrumentation

Istec International offers a wide range of high quality process instrumentation. With the exclusive representation of various worldwide renowned suppliers, we help clients all over the world with our specialist knowledge and advisory in industrial automation.

Condition Monitoring

For determining the condition of a (rotating) machine we offer a wide range of sensors, measurement systems and services. With the obtained vibration data our high level experts (ISO-18436-2 level 4) create vibration-analyses and reports.

Machine protection systems & services

Istec Rotating Consultancy offers many years of worldwide experience in machine condition monitoring, corrective maintenance planning and machine diagnostics. We provide machine protection systems for vibration and overspeed-protection.

Products and services per application

We apply our expertise in many types of applications. To get an idea what we can do we have created drawings of typical applications which show our products and services per section of a machine.

Knowledge & Cases

The great DCS migration project

In March 2016 Emerald Kalama Chemical started their “Great Migration Project” in the Botlek, the industrial area in the port of Rotterdam. The project includes, amongst others the replacement of an…

Application note: Reciproke Compressor

This application note shows Metrix’ solutions for possible issues or problems that occur in reciprocating compressors. A reciprocating compressor is a positive-displacement compressor that uses pistons driven by a crankshaft…

About Istec International

Istec International has over 40 years of experience in the field of measurement and control. Istec has offices in the Netherlands and Belgium providing customers worldwide with our specialist knowledge and advice. Furthermore Istec specializes in condition monitoring, stops, calibrations and vibration measurements. We aim for high customer satisfaction, optimal support and services.